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HR consulting and managementHRD: Are you ready to support organisational transformations?

Digitalisation, business transformation, global talent shortages, remote working, increased collaboration…

The transformation of the world of work is profound.

Our ways of working are changing.

Human resources are at the forefront to support these transformations and create a great place to work.

The challenge is to be a partner of choice for the business.


At Yumany, we help to rethink the role of the manager

Transformation des organisations

Talent development

The right person in the right place
The most accurate assessment of competencies is a major issue in talent management. Several processes allow them to be objectively assess competencies: assessment centre, development centre, 360°, observations in real life situations. Identifying potentials is another challenge, and a structured talent identification process aligns stakeholders towards a common goal: to know the lifeblood of the organization and to work on succession plans.
RH - Systèmes de management de la performance

Managerial innovation

The powerful managerial attitude
Yumany helps you design performance management systems: objectives setting process, annual appraisal discussion, coaching conversation, salary reviews, and day-to-day management activities. We also think outside the box by designing managerial innovation solutions : peer coaching, intrapreneurship, job rotation... These services always take into account your company culture to underline the different roles of managers, leaders, mentors, and coaches.
Les postures managériales

Training facilitation

We deliver customised training, virtually or face-to-face, on the following topics :

- Leadership & Management
- Change Management
- Remote & intercultural collaborations 
- Personal development and emotional intelligence
- Development plan and career management
- Creativity and innovation
- Training of trainers
Transformation des organisations

Development of HR teams

Be the strategic partner for the business
Beyond its day-to-day operations, Human Resources Departments support organisations in their transformations. HRBPs operate as HR coaches in order to support leaders & managers in understanding human issues. Knowing how to manage transversal and global HR projects is also a key focus in international companies. Yumany supports the transformation of your HR organisation into a strategic partner for the business.
Changes in the HR profession
You are also impacted by digitalization and transformations ...
New competencies are required for HR folks, some roles are disappearing: some new roles are emerging.
How do you approach these issues? Let's talk about it !

Paradoxes and Complexity
  • Transform cultures
  • Create new managerial practices

Business Digitalisation
  • Disappearance of roles and emergence of others
  • HR digitalisation

New ways of working
  • Management and recruitment of various resources (permanent roles, freelance, part-time, slashers etc...)
  • Remote management & flexi-work

  • Cross functional & intercultural collaboration
  • Distributed teams

Diversity & inclusion
  • Develop equity practices
  • Confront harassment