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Executive coachingTo transform a team or company, the path begins with oneself !

Being a leader is an important responsibility towards others.

Leading an organization, a team or people is a daily challenge.

Setting the direction, choosing the right people and engaging teams is a complex path to maturity.

This is why taking a step back revaluating is essential for longevity.

Yumany’s added value is to support leaders and their teams, through different types of coaching :
Individual coaching, team coaching and organisational coaching.

We support individuals in exploring postures, through the development of behavioural know-how, changes in behaviour and the development of so-called “soft skills”.

Our approach is also to raise awareness of collective dynamics and the challenges encountered in interpersonal relationships.

Transformation des organisations

Executive coach

Being a leader requires managing paradoxes and complexity.
The challenge for leaders is to stay in touch with internal & external reality, while interacting in a healthy way with people in their teams. During 10 working sessions, we support leaders to gain fresh perspectives in operational situations as well as at strategic issues.
Coach d'équipes dirigeantes

Executive team coaching

The collaboration of an Executive team

has a direct and far-reaching impact on the organisation. Depending on the corporate cultures, the emotional maturity of the members and its history, each situation is specific. As a start, we clarify the coaching objectives with the leader and the team. Next follows between 6 to 10 sessions during which we will work on the relationship between team members, the collaboration situations and identify ways of optimisation.

Transformation des organisations


Co-development is a learning process that values experience and concrete situations.
A group of 6 to 8 participants work together to solve problems brought by each participant.
A Yumany’s executive coach, approximately every 6 weeks, leads these workshops.
The working process promotes transversality and collaboration between participants.
Transformation des organisations


Mentoring is an interpersonal relationship in which a mentor, an experienced professional, supports a "mentee" with skills to acquire or a corporate culture to discover.
Clear roles (mentor / mentee / n + 1 manager), a framed process, and adequate postures are critical for the success of mentoring initiatives.
We support you in defining the essential components for the success of your mentoring program.

Yumany coaching:
Guaranteeing the best experience and the quality of our support.

Yumany coaches are :

  • Certified by a recognized professional coaching academy  (Executive coach)
  • Are in supervision of practices (individual or collective)
  • Belong to a federation of coaches (EMCC, ICF, SF Coach or Cecorp)
  • Have held a managerial or high-level leadership role in their career
  • Know organisations from within, having spent at least 20 years supporting complex organisations as senior executives
  • Masters of tools and techniques of personal development


Whatever the size of your organisation …

Individual coaching and moreover team coaching is above all supporting an individual, or a team, interacting in a system.

Very often the stakes of this individual are played at his level but also in his context (uncertain managerial practices of her/his n + 1, lack of clarity of her/his objectives, lack of courage in the shared feedback etc …) .

Working with these multiple levels in a conscious manner is an essential element for qualitative coaching.