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Take your projects further thanks to the collective intelligence of your teams.

Enriching projects, fostering engagement, remaining ambitious but realistic and concrete ; it’s everyone’s business!

Yumany leads group sessions with robust facilitation, creativity and innovation methodologies.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
said Benjamin Franklin…. (And we could add, stimulate me and I create !)

Engaging key stakeholders in a project requires getting them to contribute as early as possible.
Each group should be represented in collaborative workshops to allow a good connection to reality and to find the most suitable solutions for each situation.
Transformation des organisations

Facilitating collaborations

Facilitation allows a group or a team to work more effectively together: decision-making, problem solving, generative collaboration... High contribute approaches such as world cafes, open forums, and focus groups allow collective intelligence. Everyone contributes to generate the best ideas. The content of each workshop is defined with the leader in order to design customised programs.
Transformation des organisations

Ideas generation and innovation

Getting out of your comfort zone, shifting your gaze, and stimulating your “2 brains” are the necessary conditions to produce big ideas. Structured methodologies, such as Creative Problem Solving (CPS), graphic facilitation, or Design Thinking alternate phases of divergence (search for a large quantity of ideas while freeing oneself from constraints) and convergence (making choices according to specific criteria). These 2 alternate steps are crucial to generate creative and implementable ideas.
Transformation des organisations

Collaborative team seminar

Teams go through several stages before reaching collective performance. Supporting teams during these delicate stages is important and requires time for regular meetings to reflect on collaboration practices. An external facilitator brings fresh perspectives to the collaboration processes and the interpersonal relationships. This helps the team to become aware of its preferred practices and later, decide what is best to keep and what needs to change.

Face-to-face or virtual?


The possibility of facilitating team or group activities remotely via digital tools must be systematically explored.

What can be done remotely without impacting efficiency?

What is necessary to keep face to face ?

At Yumany, we will systematically lead you to think about these options.

We have a great deal of experience in both virtual and face-to-face facilitation.

We adapt to your videoconferencing tools and we facilitate events with virtual collaborative tools like Klaxoon © or Mural ©.